The Cisco IT Essentials Competition Events

On Line Exam

Competitors will be required to take an on-line exam that mimics the actual A+ (220-301 and 220-302) exam.  They will have 60 minutes to answer 75 questions.  All questions will be of multiple choice nature.  Scoring will be done on a percentage basis.  This activity can earn two awards: for the highest single score and second as a team score (each team members scores will be added up and the highest team score will win the overall team score).  There will be a total data base of questions in excess of 300 questions that each competitor will  randomly draw 75 questions from.

Jeopardy Game

Competitors will compete in a Jeopardy like game.  There will be 4 competitors playing at one time.  They will have the opportunity to answer questions from a single board containing 5 categories, each category having 5 questions. There will be one opportunity for a double Jeopardy question.  The competitor that has the greatest point total overall will win the individual category and once again the total point values of the two member team will be added to determine an overall team score.  

Hands on Activity

Competitors will compete against the clock to build a computer from the ground up.  They will be provided with all necessary components and will be required to build the computer.  The hard drive will have a pre-existing operating system established.  In order for the activity to be completed, competitors must have their computers completely boot up and be able to actively engage applications.

Team Troubleshooting Activity

Competitors will compete as a team in this activity.  The team will be given a  computer that already has pre-established errors.  Competitors will need to identify the errors, repair the errors and complete the boot process.  After successfully completing this portion of the activity, competitors will need to create a determined set of functions with the computer.  Functions may consist of things such as creating folders, creating users , setting permissions to groups, creating a static IP Address and others.   The team will be scored on time.  Each team is given a maximum of 60 minutes to complete the task.  Incomplete activities will not be scored!