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desperately needed items




fine or play sand

small pieces from games

small toys or charms

glass globs 

hand tools (pliers, hammers, small screw drivers and phillips head screw drivers...) 

small boxes (the kind necklaces or bracelets come in)

baby food jars

cool whip containers

large and small coffee cans

waistline bottles (bottles from liquid dishwashing soap)

pretty  small shells


As most of you know, we can use almost anything as an art media in the art room. There are certain items we always need and other items we need for specific projects we're planning for the art show.

 Thank you to all the families who have been sending things in!!! 



***If there is a remote possibility we can do something with it, then send it...we are very creative! Anything you have 50 - 60 of, we can probably find a use for. If we can't use it, we'll either find someone who can or we will toss it lovingly.



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