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Lucky for us, the art hall of fame is just down the hall from the art room. This gives us the opportunity to utilize the reproductions for reference when doing art projects.

sunflowers by vincent van gogh houses at chatou by maurice vlaminck
tiles by first grade tiles by second grade

reptiles by  m.c. escher

the dream (with modifications) By HENRI rousseau

the scream by edvard munch

tiles by third grade

tiles by fourth grade tiles by fifth grade

View down the hall to the art room

Close up of silhouettes

The art hall of fame was completed in the fall last year in honor of the school's 50th birthday. It was designed by jenny martin, local artist, and lainee specter, art teacher. The painting of the masterpieces was done by jenny martin and amber kusteriss. the tiles surrounding each reproduction were done by students at jefferson elementary school. They were a multi-disciplinary project connecting art to another curriculum area.  The opposite side of the hall has six inch ceramic tiles made by graduates of jefferson elementary. When the renovations were done, a display area was added for current artwork, along with a sound system.

the gallery is now complete. we look forward to many wonderful classes and exhibitions here.

the art hall of fame was made possible through the generosity  and hard work of our jefferson parents, Mount lebanon foundation, mount lebanon school district, cheryl gross, jenny martin, amber kusteriss, t.j. and mr. schnirel.


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