Gretchen Meyerjack Hempen

Moon Township, PA  15108                                     



Spouse or significant other’s name:                            Pat Hempen

How long have you been married / together?                      24 years

Children’s names and ages:                                         Jake (23) Eric (21) Jenny (15)

Share your pride in your children with us:

Jake – USAF 2 Lt, USAF Academy class of 2007

Eric – USAF Academy class of 2008

Jenny – 9th grade Moon High School



Grandchildren – how many and ages:                   Two – Shawna (8) Maraina (3) 


What would you like to do when you retire?  

Spend more time with my grandchildren; relax and travel

What is your most memorable TAHS moment / experience?   


If you knew THEN what you know NOW, what would you have done differently?

            Nothing – my life is not that bad

 People would be surprised to know that I…

            …love power tools and have many of them.  I also use them.

            I love to build things.

Was there a teacher who you feel had a great influence on you, either while in

high school or since?  If so, who and how? 


With 38 years of experience since high school, what words of wisdom would you

pass along to current TAHS students?

            Live life to the fullest.

            Love with all of your heart.

            Be happy.